Yes, I am a feminist

Yes, I am a feminist.
Because sexual harassment happens everyday,
And it’s okay for men to tell a woman how much she should ideally weigh.
Because it’s considered funny to joke about a woman’s body entitlement,
And groping a woman in public, well that should just be considered a ‘compliment’.

Men don’t have to walk at a fast pace at night,
Holding onto their keys so very tight.
Checking over their shoulders every so often,
To wait until they get home, to let their tense muscles finally soften.

We make up excuses, just so we can be left alone.
It’s not enough to say you just want to be on your own.
“My dad’s waiting outside”, “I have a boyfriend”
Why do we even have to pretend?
He respects another man more than you,
What happened to just a simple ‘no thank you’?

Yes, I am a feminist.
Because rape jokes aren’t funny,
I’d like to be referred to anything but a demeaning “honey”
And calling me bitch, slut or hoe is just offensive
I shouldn’t even have to be this defensive.

Girls saying no – such awful rejection.
But I think I’m entitled to my own affection.
If I don’t want to, I don’t have to return the feelings of some guy,
Because this so-called “friend zone” shouldn’t make me feel shy.
Or guilty. Or ashamed.
My feelings and comfort with another partner should not be blamed.

Women and girls have been roofie’d, drugged and abused,
But it happens so often that we are the ones accused.
“He was probably drunk”, “Surely you provoked him”,
This gender unfairness is just too grim.

Yes, I am a feminist.
Because every girl should know that rape is never her fault,
That they are never responsible for someone else’s disgusting assault.
And don’t you dare tell me to wear longer skirts and hide my skin,
Those twisted excuses belong nowhere but in the bin.

We’re not even able to call someone out on a sexist joke,
We’re just supposed to let our comebacks go up in smoke.
What kind of world has this become?
If girls can’t defend themselves and have to pretend they’re dumb.

Yes, I am a feminist.
Because the lack of gender equality is not yet considered a serious ‘issue’,
Poor little girls are just supposed to wipe their tears away with a tissue.
The fact that the discussion of feminism even continues today,
Should be a clear enough sign that gender equality is a long way away.

Yes, I am a feminist.
Because we deserve to live free from sexual assault,
From domestic violence and crimes because of gender’s fault.
Women and girls are human beings too,
So imagine the day when equality of the sexes is finally true.

Emilia Persson